The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad diaper

I rarely come across a diaper I hate. Especially if the only reviews I can find online are glowing. However that is another rant for another day about using blogs to get free products then reviewing them without honesty. I have decided that it is impossible that anyone who reviewed this diaper could have used it more than once before reviewing it. Which is ridiculous because there have been diapers I thought i LOVED after the first time using them only to find out that with time they suck. So bloggers, please give it at least 2 weeks before reviewing diapers.


Ok so diaper I am reviewing today is a GlowBug pocket diaper. This diaper is a one size picket diaper. This diaper uses snaps and attaches with two vertical snaps. it has an opening at the top and bottom of the diaper. This diaper has double leg gussets (which honestly felt more decorative than anything.

Some of my favorite diapers in the past have been chinese cheapie diapers. I can’t figure out if these are from china but I am suspecting they are.

Problems with this diaper

1. This diaper is WAY to lightweight. It has zero shape and the only way to make it not so flimsy is to use an soaker like a Rumparooz 6R that has some bulk to it.

2. A feature I thought I would love, the opening at the top and bottom of the diaper ended up being the most enraging part for me. A piece of fabric on the back that should be tucked in to keep the insert from getting clothes wet was forever coming untucked (partially because the diaper was so flimsy). This drove my OCD nuts.


3. The nail in the coffin was the snap tearing through the diaper because the fabric was so flimsy within 3 months of purchase.

All the the reviews online site their cute prints for being why they are such awesome diapers. You can give me a boring print any day over  this POS diaper >.<

So GlowBug diapers gets to go to the top of my fluff hate list, even if it is a very cute POS


5 thoughts on “The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad diaper

  1. I have a Glow Bug and I really like it. I tend to hate pocket diapers in general because I don’t want to unstuff the diaper to wash it. The glowbug I don’t really use like a pocket- it snaps onto the diaper on one side, and can lay on the top. I didn’t like the looseness of the openings, (like you) which I mentioned in my own review:

    Otherwise I like mine, I use it often, & have had no tearing. I just think the comment that all other reviewers only used the diaper once is really rude. All of my reviews are honest. However, people have different personal preferences, opinions and experiences. All you can do is speak to your own.

  2. Haha, dude. Glad I read this. I feel the same about Blueberries. Everyone’s like “HOMG THESE RAWK” I’m like um, no they don’t. They are shit diapers. And expensive shit at that.

  3. I have a blog and I review cloth diapers. I always give 2-3 weeks before writing a post about it…and I’m always honest in my reviews. I do have a Glow Bug pocket diaper and I personally have not had any issues with it. It’s been in regular use in my rotation…and I usually only use one simple microfiber insert with it. I haven’t found it to be cheap or flimsy at all. I appreciate your honesty about your experience with this diaper, but I don’t think it’s fair to assume that bloggers aren’t being honest in their reviews because Glow Bug has had positive reviews.

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